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After all, what is this woman all about?

But all I can say for the time being is... as I stepped into the dojo and the atmosphere of the dojo...... no, I saw the ‘equipment’ installed in the dojo that Tre’ainar had never seen before... my tension was elevated and once again I’m about to train.

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Author’s Note

Yesterday, the author’s concern was more about shaving hair rather than the impressions of the work... and I’m not going to shave, okay? I just said that I would shave if I made the “that kind of development” that I explained last time, but I’ll do my best not to make it “that kind of shit development”, so I’m not going to shave?

Translated by: Sads07

Leaving the church, I went outside and saw the paved road in front of me.

Each square cut stone was evenly embedded in the ground, and buildings were lined up on either side of the large, spacious road.

Because it was a secluded nation, I thought it would feel more like a developing country, but it seemed I took them lightly.

“Come on, it’s close by.”

As I was fascinated by the state of the city, the High Priestess called to me.

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There was a large three-story building directly opposite the huge and artistic church.

That’s the Arcane True Zenith or something Dojo.

Honestly, I set foot in the dojo with little interest, wondering why I was quietly following her.