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“Well, I’ll pull an all-nighter for that.”

“Interesting. Aren’t you here because you can’t study?”


Even for the usually upbeat Ike, Horikita’s thorny words made him stiffen. And then Yamauchi also started packing up. Finally, the worried Okitani also stood up, unable to go against the flow.

“E-everyone… Is this really ok?”

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“Let’s go, Okitani.”

Ike left the library with the hesitant Okitani.

The only ones remaining were me and Kushida. Even Kushida would probably leave soon.

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“… Horikita-san, why didn’t you stop anyone from leaving…?”

“I was mistaken. Even if I got these guys to barely pass, this situation would repeat. And then they’d give up again. I finally realized that this was a waste of time and effort.

“What do you mean by that…?”

“I’m saying that it’s good to throw away all unnecessary trash now.”