Make money on the college students

Make money on the college students

Rather than say she was dissatisfied with me, she’d probably reentered a state of suspicion again.

“Really… I’m even starting to doubt whether you’re actually powerful or not.”

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Although I understood she was in no mood to speak, this topic wasn’t over yet.

“And so, why did you tell me this?”

“Because I believe that signing this contract will not affect me in the future.”

“So repeatedly giving away half your points won’t affect you?”

“Because if Kushida drops out of school, the risk would be reduced to 0.”

Hearing what I just said, Horikita’s hand froze. Then she looked at me, her eyes still slightly red.

“Just then, you just calmly said something extremely serious. Is that a joke?”

“I was planning to get Kushida expelled before. No, even now, I think it’d be best for her to be expelled.”

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“You’re not…joking?”

“Yeah. This summer, I was thinking I would eliminate Kushida.”

In reality, it wasn’t like there were no opportunities to get rid of her.

“But——Since you told me about it, that means that the situation has changed, right?”