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“That’s a big leap. It’s just a normal senior and junior relationship.”

It was unusual for me to be brought into this sort of thing.

I had thought that Ishizaki wasn’t particularly interested in relationships with the opposite sex, but not so much, apparently.

“Did you want something from me?”

“No, after I saw senpai, I just wanted to come talk to you.”

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She spoke without hesitation as she looked at me with bright eyes, despite the contents of her reply being somewhat embarrassing.

“Sorry for bothering you. Excuse me!”

One minute she was running up to me, and the next, she was running away. The interior is the same as the school corridors, in that she shouldn’t be running here, but I guess she was just about safe.

“She was a cutie. And her…you know was pretty…you know”

I’m sorry, but I guess I’ll just skip over that.

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“You’re really not going out with her, right?”

“No, we’re not dating.”

It would be annoying to have people misunderstand and spread the story.