Chinese chess online make money

Chinese chess online make money

Don’t mess around. The settlement was not even over!

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Getting him to think about something that he would only have to think about in the next cycle. Did she think that his brain cells would not die quickly enough?

Lin Wan said, “Boss Pei, aren’t you used to thinking about your next step after a project succeeds?”

“I think such great foresight is very worth learning from.”

“I’m just like you, Boss Pei. I want to be stricter with myself.”

Pei Qian laughed.

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Great foresight?

There must have been a misunderstanding!

I had no other choice. If a business failed and earned money, I could only think of other ways to put out the fire as soon as possible. Otherwise, the heavy responsibility of incurring losses during the settlement cycle would not be over!

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You don’t even have a deadline for the loss settlement cycle. Why are you so anxious?!

However, he could not say these clearly.

After a moment of silence, Pei Qian said, “Alright, I’ll go over.”

It was not impossible to leave it alone. However, the key problem was that if he left it alone, who knew what Lin Wan would do?

Slow Movement Studio was no longer as famous as before.

No matter what he did, a large number of players would pay attention.

It did not matter if Lin Wan made a new VR game or a regular game. As long as she did not lose her mind and worked hard to show her advantage, the chances of success would be very high.