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How to make money on the Internet 5G era

“eh, Bro..... You punk.”

And, of course, it is an adult who will not accept such unfavorable terms obediently.

Chitsue raised his hand, and the guys behind him came forward.

No, not only them, but also the very crowd of stout and heavy-faced adults who had been placed on the floor of the gambling-house began to gather around Bro all at once.

[S1] Chitsue adds a lot of inflections either in the middle or at the end of his dialogues. Words like のか, たい, いる, れる, らな, よう, だね. The meanings don’t really make much sense if directly translated, kinda seem like just random stuff he adds while talking. One of these happen to translate as ‘You See’ which brought to mind 1920s prohibition era Gangsters, so I ended up seeing the guy as a fatter Al Capone and I tried to bring that out. It kinda fits, especially with the secret gambling den being a sort of SpeakEasy Booze Joint. Anyway, let me know if you have any thoughts or inputs on this.

Repent and be Saved’s story was supposed to take place in an unknown age in ancient China. What used to be a peaceful, harmonious village was suddenly wrecked when more and more people began to lose their souls and become wandering ghouls.

These people slowly lost their memories and sanity. They wandered around subconsciously and attacked the souls of complete humans. On top of this, they were unknowingly drawn towards a faraway place.

In the words of lucky survivors, the road to this faraway place was called the ‘Road to the Underworld’.

According to the elderly in the village, dead people would be captured by the Black and White Impermanence. After that, they would be brought to the netherworld to be judged and punished by Yama, who would then decide if these people could reincarnate and become humans again, soon sending them into the six realms of rebirth and existence or to the Eighteen Levels of Hell.

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However, for some reason, the Black and White Impermanence stopped receiving dead people. Thus, regardless of whether they died naturally or were murdered, everyone found themselves on the Road to the Underworld, unable to get to the netherworld.

Instinctively, these wandering ghouls could sense a calling towards the netherworld. Yet, none of them could find the right path to get there. As time went by, they became increasingly tyrannical.

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Thus, the mortal world slowly turned into hell.