What platform can be made on the distribution home appliance network

What platform can be made on the distribution home appliance network

Creating a new company for the games platform would be funded by Dream Realization Ventures. However, it would not be Tengda’s fully-funded subsidiary. Instead, it would only take up 70%!o(MISSING)f the shares. The other 30%!w(MISSING)ould be distributed to all the core members and veteran employees.

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Of course, Li Yada had a share in those shares.

Before the company developed, shares were basically useless and could not be made into cash. However, that was still shares after all.

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All in all, Li Yada felt that this was a little strange. It was not like Boss Pei’s previous style of developing new industries.

However, if one thought about it carefully, they would feel that this was something Boss Pei would do. After all, Boss Pei had always been unique. If people could easily guess that he was not Boss Pei.

Li Yada tried her best to think but to no avail.

“Did Boss Pei say why he did that?” Li Yada asked.

Tang Yishu shook her head. “No, Senior only said that I will understand in the future.”

Indeed, this was Boss Pei’s usual style.

After some consideration, Li Yada nodded. “Alright, I’ll go with you.”

“The reason why I stepped down as the person-in-charge previously was mainly because I felt that the gaming department was filled with talents and did not need me anymore.”

“However, since it is of use to me now, I will definitely not shirk my duty!”