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“Uo, you defended against that too?!”

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“【Great Demon Chopping Left】!”

Sure enough, the moment I closed the gap, he countered with a straight middle thrust.

But I knew it was coming, so I parried with my left hand.

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And then it’s the same thing all over again...

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[Ah... no hit! It’s a dizzying technical battle as they repeatedly attack and defend at the same time! No, it’s already amazing that Earth can contend with Wacha in a technical battle!? But Wacha isn’t being overpowered by Earth’s youth and vigor! They’re evenly matched! Such an amazing match!]

“Older brother, fight on fight on, fiiiiight oooon!”

“Big Brother, give it your all!”

“Come on, let’s see you give a cheer Big Sister Sadiz~!”

“G, go for it... fure fure, go for it.”

Neither of us could land a decisive blow.

Therefore, our faces still remain clean.