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Everyone, along with Yosuke, gathered around Horikita’s front row seat, sorting out the current situation.

Kouenji also returned to his seat, looking at his mirror as usual, revelling in it.

“The most important part of this exam is, although there are certain conditions, we can form groups with anyone in the same year at will.”

This was a new rule that had never existed in the special exams up till now.

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And in the end, the appearance of such a rule was beyond what had been expected from the school.

“But, what about the distribution of class points when you win? Although it was a load of gibberish, and I didn’t really understand, there’s little to no benefit in grouping up with other classes, right?”

Exactly. Sudo’s thoughts were just a matter of course, as he delved into the point at hand. This special exam was not just a competition across the year groups, but also a battle between classes of the same year. Forming groups consisting of members of just your own class was the only way to efficiently complete this exam.

Even so, the school had prepared some interesting rules.

Grouping up with strong students within the school year would make it easier to get into the upper rankings; Low risk, and low reward. On the other hand, grouping up with only members of the same class would present a high risk but high reward opportunity.

The ideal situation would be forming groups of 2 or 3 within the class, and then combining into bigger groups later.

However, it was not easy to form big groups after the special exam began. If there had been no guarantee of being able to freely form a big group before, then the danger of failing would be exponentially higher. Despite this, it was also true that this special exam was more destructive than the ones preceding it. If one class took all three top spots, they’d receive 600 class points. If Class 2-D achieved this goal, it’d be an express ticket to Class 2-B.

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“But if we rely on only our class, we’ll be missing out on the talents available in the other classes. Also if it’s only our class that forms groups within our own class… What if the other classes join forces? The worst-case scenario would be that only Class D falls behind as the gap widens.”

It would be ideal to win only with Class D, but at the end of the day, that’s just naive thinking.

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If any class chose to challenge the special exam by their lonesome, that class would run the risk of getting targeted by the other three classes working together. If that class lost, there wouldn’t be any sort of reward waiting for them.

“If it’s just that we can’t win, then it’s a different story, but if we withdraw too early, we’ll run the risk of expulsion. In other words, if we aren’t confident… No, if we can’t be certain of victory, then we’ll simply have to form groups of 6 with the other classes.”

A special exam like this one, in which the other classes were both comrade and enemy, would be even more difficult than anything that came before.

When considered this way, wouldn’t it also be a good strategy to form groups with the students from the other classes right from the get-go? However, there was no guarantee that their thinking would be aligned with each other. Even if you knew that there was no advantage in relying only on your own class to form a group, as long as the Class Points didn’t change too much, you would generally think, ‘If possible, I don’t want to think about the other classes’. The classes at the bottom especially.

And so, under the premise of having to form groups, which direction should we start turning the rudder? Answering that would allow us to stand at the starting line.

“How will Sakayanagi, Ryuuen, and Ichinose act?”