How to deal with online part-time money

How to deal with online part-time money

“Chiaki-san, it seems to be that you have no idea. That night, Amano-kun and I- broke up already.”

“HUH! …Achoo!”

Right away, Chiaki-san popped up from the bed and sneezed at the same time.

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-Saliva, sweat, and snivel all flew across the room towards me.

“S-Sorry, sorry.”

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Chiaki-san quickly started cleaning everything around her with tissues. …Yep, Amano-kun is like this too. Why do these people keep breaking serious moments! Are they sick? Sigh, even though Chiaki-san is really sick now, she caught a cold.

After she cleaned her mess, Chiaki-san wiped her nose forcefully. Then, she propped up and asked me again.

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“W-W-What happened! Karen-san, why did you say you broke up with Keita!”

“It’s what you heard.”

I wiped the mucus splashed onto my face calmly with a handkerchief.

“T-This means that after the bodies of Keita and you broke up, they formed Karen B and Keita B…”

“Uh, it’s not science fiction. I mean, we broke up mentally.”

“T-This means that the ‘Holy Karen’ that was born from your conscience, and the ‘Evil Karen’ that was spawned from your wicked thoughts finally battled each other-“

“No. It’s not as fantastical. My soul didn’t break up and formed two parts.”