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Diagonal Slash, Bamboo Split, Downward Slash, Upward Slash, Thrust – She somewhat managed to defend all the point-blank consecutive attacks raining down on her.

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However, there was a big gap in physical strength between me and Idol-san, apart from the two hand grip and one hand grip.

Every time she defended a blow, her stance gradually became disordered.

「Right there!」


The blow that I landed cut through Idol-san’s side.

Her face distorted in pain, but she matched the timing when I pulled back my sword, and stepped into my range.

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「Thunder Style – Thunderclap!」

Just as my consecutive attacks before, she unleashed her own set of consecutive attacks at unstoppable speed.

(Top, Bottom, Top, Bottom, Left, Right – Middle!)

I opened my eyes wide and completely cut down her wave of seven consecutive attacks.

「No… way!」

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I guess she didn’t think it would be possible to defend them all.