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That was because there were always too many restrictions. He could not do this or that. Many ideas could not be expressed. The products that he made, in the end, could not satisfy him completely.

However, he realized that everything was so simple after arriving at Slow Movement Studio.

Things that were completely impossible for other companies seemed to become natural here.

He only had to do his job step by step. How could he easily achieve such huge success?

It even felt unreal.

Of course, the main reason why it could succeed without any suspense was definitely Boss Pei.

Cai Jiadong deeply realized how important it was to have a good leader and an outstanding leader after arriving at Slow Movement Studio!

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If he looked back now, he would feel that the success of the Doubt VR glasses and Animal Island was natural.

However, Cai Jiadong, who had personally participated in the project, knew very well that many choices seemed to be very dangerous in the beginning. Boss Pei had only finalized the ideal shape of the product after he went against everyone’s opinions.

If he had followed the previous conservative plan, this VR glasses would not have reached the current level even if it was successful.

Therefore, the most precious thing on Boss Pei should be his deep understanding of the industry and his courage to press forward.

Cai Jiadong could not help but feel emotional. Indeed, all successes were not accidental.

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The other employees of Slow Movement Studio had similar thoughts as Cai Jiadong.

It felt so good to win while lying down!

However, Cai Jiadong knew that he had made a mountain out of a molehill seeing Ye Zhizhou, Wang Xiaobin, and the others’ expressions. This was just Boss Pei’s basic plan.