But what is the online typing?

But what is the online typing?

If the conversation between the two of us takes too long, there may be students who'd grow suspicious.

"It's something pretty important.....or more like, what's going on with that Ryuuen guy?".

"Are you concerned?".

"I mean, yeah. It's become a topic even among the girls. Why that guy stopped being the leader but it doesn't look like anybody knows the truth though".

"Being as meek as a lamb, that expression doesn't quite fit Ryuuen but right now it looks like he's acting quite mature".

"Does that mean your chastisement worked?".

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"Chastisement, eh?".

Behind Kei's tough words lies her vulnerable side, occasionally showing itself. Her curiosity about him probably stems from her anxiety which itself resulted from the fact that Ryuuen's seen her at her weakest.

"Don't worry about Ryuuen. He won't act carelessly. At the very least, I can say that he won't do anything to Kei from now on".

I said so to reassure her. However, I didn't get a response from Kei.

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I had every intention of being cautious, so perhaps it's because someone came? That's what I had assumed but that doesn't seem to be the case. I immediately grasped the situation.

".....sorry, that was nothing".