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He was not confident at all.

Although he could not bear to present this to Boss Pei, it had already been produced. He had to let Boss Pei take a look.

If he was not satisfied, Chang You could still make edits to it.

Before entering, Chang You closed his eyes and said a short prayer that the Heavens would watch over him and that minimal bugs would appear. Then, he knocked on the door.

When he heard ‘come in’, Chang You pushed open the door to enter the office and then explained the purpose of his visit to Boss Pei.

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Pei Qian nodded happily. “Alright, let me take a look.”

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Pei Qian was quite interested in this cell phone. After all, this was the first tangible product that Tengda was developing.

Before this, Tengda had produced many games, but they were intangible at the end of the day. One could only operate them on computers or game machines; they could not hold the games in their hands and play with them.

ROF was a computer-installation business, but its products were not that different from other DIY computers.

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This cell phone would be different. It would be produced using ODM, but cell phones were digital products with a high level of integration after all. The cell phones they created would be unique.

Pei Qian watched as Chang You placed a ‘brick’ in his hands.

…it was very heavy!

Pei Qian could feel an obvious weight on his hands. “How much does this cell phone weigh?”

Ashamed, Chang You answered, “247 grams.”

Pei Qian was silent.

He did not know what else to say other than that it was awesome!

What did this weight mean?

At the moment, the cell phones that were in trend were small. Take Pineapple’s flagship models throughout the generations as an example for instance. Until now, they all weighed about 140 grams. Even the bigger models only weighed about 190 grams.