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Strictly speaking, the entire story should end when Qin Yi was betrayed and sent to the Zergs by AEEIS.

The Supreme Executive Committee of the United Fleet had a meeting and Qin Yi had woken up in the body of the Leviathan Beasts. These two plots were more suitable to appear as Easter eggs.

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However, these two plots were too important. What’s more, they were very long. If they were to make Easter eggs, it would feel like they were being cut apart. Thus, after much consideration, Zhu Xiaoce decided to put these two plots at the end of the movie. It would be very effective to match the ending song.

Lu Xiaoping also made the judgment based on this reason. There should not be any Easter eggs in the movie.

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However, some images appeared beside the rolling name list just as the two of them were about to leave.

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There were no Easter eggs in the end, but there were other things.

These were some NG scenes that were shot when the road was very close!

He faced the green screen and repeated his lines over and over again. He would perform in different ways. Sometimes, he would stop in the middle of the act if he was not satisfied. He would repeat it continuously.

He had to act out the same emotion at least five or six times on the road. After careful consideration, he would choose the one that he was most satisfied with.

There was also a close shot with the AEEIS Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine.

In the view of the audience, many performances that were very Lu Zhiyao were actually very good. However, he was still not satisfied with the end of the road. He continued to act it over and over again. Every plot had to be perfect.

These scenes were not bad, they paled in comparison to the actual scenes.

The audience who stayed behind were basically die-hard fans.The lights in the cinema were already switched on but they still insisted on watching the end with the thought that there might be Easter eggs.

Unexpectedly, they really got a pleasant surprise!

“Holy sh*t, how many times did he have to shoot the same scene?”