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Pei Qian, “Oh, I know. What’s up?”

Li Yada was stunned as if she had not expected Boss Pei to sound so calm. In fact, there seemed to be a bit of... joy amidst the calm tone.

“Boss Pei, once IOI is updated, GOG would be much less competitive! Finger Games is not celebrating the Chinese New Year! “A ten-day Chinese New Year holiday might not seem like much, but our game started off worse off than IOI already. If we delay this any further, the consequences would be dire. We might not be able to catch up with them!

“Can I apply to resume work earlier? I know it’s wrong to work overtime, but it’s an emergency...”

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Pei Qian frowned.

Resume work earlier?! No way!

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“No!” Pei Qian rejected it decisively. Li Yada was a little worried. “But...” Pei Qian did not wait for her to finish but immediately interrupted. “There’s no need to talk about it. This is a matter of principle that cannot be compromised.

“Work will never be finished. Would GOG exceed IOI even if I were to approve for you to go back to work a week in advance?”

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Li Yada could not reply to him. “We definitely can’t in a week, but...”

Pei Qian immediately took over. “That’s the reason. If I approve of your request to go to work one week earlier, are you going to apply for overtime on weekends if you did not surpass IOI?

“If you are to work overtime this weekend but fail to surpass IOI, are you going to continue next week?

“You must understand... the dike of a thousand miles collapsed because of an ant’s nest. You should understand the principle of preventing dysfunction.

“Where do you put the rules and regulations of Tengda if you were to continue doing this?!”

Li Yada, “Uh...”

Pei Qian said earnestly. “So, since two more days of overtime would not produce decisive results, then don’t work overtime. Meaningless overtime wastes everyone’s time and the fees I pay for overtime, why bother?”