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There was a small area in the physical fitness area with arrow targets and crossbows. It should be a place for shooting training.

Pei Qian also saw the pressure board walking area that he had emphasized. It was used to increase the tolerance of the feet so that they could prepare for dangerous paths in the future.

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On the other hand, the content in the living area was even richer. There was training to build a tent, cutting branches to light a fire, or building a shelter. There was training to eat compressed biscuits, and there was also training to kill their own prey and barbecue.

All in all, all the practical skills required for outdoor survival were trained here.

Pei Qian was a little confused. “Since there are compressed biscuits, why do they still have to kill the prey themselves?”

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“Boss Pei, this is to meet different training requirements.”

“In terms of food and accommodation, our training is gradual.”

“In the beginning, we would arrange for trainers to eat some compressed food and heat up the food quickly. Then, they would eat compressed biscuits and dry meat pancakes. Finally, they would kill the game and cook it themselves.”

“It’s the same with the living conditions. At first, we stayed in tents. Then, there were no tents. We had to build our own shelter and sleep in our sleeping bags. After that, we did not even have our sleeping bags.”

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“This gradual training would allow everyone to adapt step by step.”

Pei Qian looked curiously at the food sample that had been prepared. There was a grayish-white thing that looked like a brick inside. “Is this the dry meat pie that you mentioned?”

Bao Xu quickly reminded him. “That’s right, Boss Pei. However, I don’t suggest you try it. It tastes like dog food mixed with hard paper plates.”

Pei Qian’s curiosity was immediately extinguished as he silently retracted his hand.

It was obvious that Bao Xu had put in a lot of effort in order to arrange for Huang Sibo and his other enemies.

“Not bad, it’s quite satisfactory overall.”

“However… do you think there’s more room for improvement in the future?”

Pei Qian was already very satisfied with this special training base.