How to write a copy of the copy of the pig eight ring online

How to write a copy of the copy of the pig eight ring online

“Oh, come to think of it, I didn’t get to explain the duel and the result.”

After I threw that out, Chiaki leaned forward and glared at me a bit angrily. “Yeah, yeah.”

“Sheesh, stop leaving us in a cliffhanger, Keita! Are you that Urasawa-san from somewhere!?” [Note: Naoki Urasawa, a master mangaka that’s famous for creating cliffhangers.]

“No, I don’t remember dragging out the story like the plot of revealing Friend’s true identity…” [Note: Friend is a cult leader and the antagonist in Urasawa’s <20th Century Boys>.]

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“That’s how much I’m looking forward to it! K-Keep going!”

“Alright. …Sheesh, I got it. Well, I’ll start from the conclusion-“

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I scratched my head and tried to progress the story casually. Right here.


Uehara-kun, Tendou-san, and Chiaki immediately stopped me there.

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The three of them got close to me angrily, and their face is overflowing with stress.

“W-What are you thinking, Amano-kun!?”

“Uh, no, w-what’s wrong, Tendou-san? What do you mean? I’m just trying to talk about the story’s ending…”

“Hoho, that’s why you’re a twisted, non-mainstream idiot boy!”