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For a moment, I didn’t know what he was talking about, but soon I realized.

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It’s about what I said, “I might have done the same thing as José “.

『Indeed, you were twisted. The greatness of your parents and the talents of your childhood friends were wearing away at you. However, you were still training every day in your daily routine. Studying, swinging, with diligence.』

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“Well, Sadiz forced me and ...”

『You might have been made to do it, but you were still doing it. You were spending your days on self-improvement. Unlike him, unlike a pig who had acquired a little power, and was already satisfied and lived a lazy life without sweating every day... unlike those who had lost the will to fight due to the difference in power, and sat languid in the back of the school building. So, you are different. I reckon so.』

After all, it’s a hypothetical scenario.

It’s a story that can’t be confirmed no matter how much you think about it, and it’s pointless to argue no matter which opinion, mine or Tre’ainar’s, is right.

But I was happy and proud.

“Well, I don’t know... no, I think I would have used it, yeah.”

But I couldn’t be honest about it either, so I turned back, smiling wryly.

『No? You reckon I could be wrong? 』

“No, but I know the most about myself.”

『You dare! I have been observing you objectively, so I know you better than you know yourself!』

“No, I would use it. Oh, I would have!”

『No, you would not use it!』

“I would use it!”

『You would not have!』

“I would use it!”