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(As usual, a monstrous physical ability…)

The smoke screen of Flying Shadow disappeared, and our gazes met.

And this time, I made the first move.

「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu!」

Eight black slashes bared its fangs with immense force.

And among them, I shot two aimed at the ground.

As a result a cloud of dry soil rolled up, clouding Zeon’s view.

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「Tch, impertinent brat!」

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He squinted his right eye and released a side sweep, erasing Yatagarasu and the cloud of dry soil.

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(Yoshi, right there!)

Zeon squinting his right eye created a blind spot to his right.

I took advantage of that slight opening and immediately slid my body to his right side, unleashing the ultimate fastest slash I had.

「Seventh Sword – Instant Flash!」

The godspeed Iai slash, cut the sound barrier, and tear into Zeon’s right shoulder.

「Shitty braaat!!」

Without even flinching, he immediately counterattacked.

I evaded the killing blow by leaping far back, creating a wide distance between us.