Online chat can make money is it true

Online chat can make money is it true

“But this expression is very magically integrated into all aspects of the game. It is just not a decoration.

“Have you noticed the biggest difference between the rich and the poor version? In the rich version—no matter what you choose, you will only change from one kind of success to another. In the poor version, you have limited choices. You will immediately fall and be ushered faster into the poverty cycle if you made any mistake.

“What is the difference between them? In fact, the hint was given in the game, and it lied in the numbers.

“For the poor, it is a lifetime of long series of numbers because you have to calculate carefully. Once one number is wrong, it will trigger a chain reaction which will cause the entire chain to collapse instantly. All previous efforts would be grounded to zero then.

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“Now, look towards the rich. No matter what he chooses—no matter how much money he spent, there will always be more money and resources.

“Therefore, the game mechanism had been controlling the money in the game, constantly ‘setting the struggling poor man back to the right track’, trying to clear his money back to zero, and finally ushering in the only ending.

“Why do poor people continue to spend more money as their income grows? Some people think that it is because many poor people lack financial awareness and are brainwashed by consumerism. However, we must pay attention to the fact that there are many expenditures in the game that we have no right to choose.

“For example, why did the poor man need to spend one month’s pay to purchase a luxury suit, a belt, and a briefcase? Does he really need these things? Can he really not use the cheaper items?

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“Yes, he really needs them.

“Because in the game environment, if he were to wear cheap clothes, he would be outcast by his colleagues and others around him. He will never be able to integrate into that circle.

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“That is why so many people want to maintain their ‘face’... because it is just not a matter of face, but a real issue of self-interest.

“That’s right, this is what we know as consumerism.

“And this brand, luxury, is the condensation of consumerism; it is a concrete symbol.