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It was as if Horikita had accepted the blame for the reasons behind Class D’s defeat.

After the three legged race, Onodera had become a little estranged from Horikita and quickly spoke:

“It’s not Horikita-san’s sole responsibility for the loss. You don’t need to lower your head.”

“That’s right, Suzune. After all, Haruki and Professor weren’t much help either.”

Although it’s pitiful, it was also true. Yamauchi glared at Sudō, but there was no objection.

“A humble attitude can make any outcome acceptable, regardless of whether we won or lost. But that’s not the case here. At least, my contribution to the sports festival had hardly any positives.”

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After saying so, Horikita glanced at Sudō’s face for a moment. It was probably nothing other than to supplement that she had made a friend of Sudō. It would be impossible for Sudō to not understand the mood. He shyly scratched his cheek a little, quietly revealing a smile and his white teeth.

“But this is the end of the apology. I would like to fully commit to challenging this next quiz and the final exam. I believe that unless the class is to fight as a unit, it will be insurmountable.”

“I can understand that, but do you have a solution or something? Like how the partners are chosen. We don’t know about that, do we?”

“No, the rules for how partners are chosen have already been made clear. If we handle this well, it is possible for all of us to have an ideal partner. Hirata-kun, if you would.”

Hirata, who had turned to the support role, received her signal and wrote out the pairing rules on the blackboard.

The rules of pairing

When looking at the class as a whole, the person who scores the highest and the person who scores the lowest on the quizzes will be matched with each other.

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Then the second best and worst students, the third best and worst students and so on.

For example: The student who gets 100 points will be matched with the student who gets 0 points. The student who gets 99 points will be matched with the student who gets 1 point.

“This is the meaning of the quiz and the pairing principle. Simple, isn’t it?”

“Oh, oh my! This is the rule of pairing! You’ve done it, Horikita! You’re amazing!”

“This is something that many of the students should have also discovered. The important thing is this. Based on this rule, we can also see that students who get lower grades will be partnered with those who get higher ones almost by default. However, exceptions can always happen. Due to this, I’m going to start explaining the strategy for reliable and precise pairings.”

Although she said that many students should have discovered this already, this was not the case. Compared to past hints, this one was indeed easy-to-understand. But she might have noticed it only because of her experience with her past failures.