There is an online money to make money project

There is an online money to make money project

July 19th, Thursday...

At 8:55 AM, Qiao Liang was jolted awake by his cell phone alarm.

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He had two cell phones. One was Otto’s G1 cell phone, and the other was POUIO cell phone.

This time, the alarm clock on the cell phone was specially set using the POUIO cell phone. The sound of the POUIO cell phone’s alarm clock was like a curse. It was able to cause the heart to stop in a minute as long as soon as it rang.

Thus, the wake-up effect was outstanding.

Every time he heard this ringtone, Qiao Liang felt like he was a zombie that flipped up from the bed. He could even feel a chill run down his spine.

He originally did not need an alarm clock as a freelancer.

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However, the situation this time was special. There were three words written on the alarm clock: Snatch VR glasses!

Qiao Liang immediately switched off his alarm when he saw these three words. Then, he quickly opened the purchasing interface of the Doubt VR glasses.

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He had already snatched it twice before, but he had not managed to snatch it all.

Qiao Liang might think that his hand speed was already fast enough, but the facts had stood that hand speed was useless if the manufacturer released limited quantities. That was because someone would always be faster than him!

The glasses disappeared in seconds. Qiao Liang was highly suspicious. Could there be 2,000 of them?

That shouldn’t be the case.