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For some reason-

She looks so illusory that the girl may immediately disappear into the orange night sky.

Karen Tendou

The heater at the corner of the club room is blowing out warm breezes.

This is a day at the end of February.

It’s after school. I’m in the club room. The heater’s not working properly, and I can feel the slight chills on my skin.

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As the Game Club president, I, Karen Tendou, is standing in front of the sunset outside the window-

-I judged my members with a cold attitude.

“Everyone- aren't you guys getting lazy recently?”


After hearing the president’s solemn words, the three members stopped playing and looked at us.

Gakuto Kase, Nina Oiso, Eiichi Mizumi.

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At this point, Kase-senpai and Nina-senpai should’ve already graduated from the club. They don’t even need to come to school anymore. However, they still show up in the club accordingly to practice with us. As the president, I’m deeply thankful for that.

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However, -it’s impossible to use this as an excuse for laziness.

As the Game Club president, -I started complaining about them calmly.

“First of all, Mizumi-kun.”

“Y-Yes, what’s wrong, Tendou-san? …No, president.”

Mizumi-kun put his phone onto the table and looked at me nervously.