It's harder online.

It's harder online.

At that moment, the air surrounding Lou changed dramatically.

(I see, so she had manifested it after all…)

Such a talented individual.

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I just thought that she “might have”, and it would seem that I was correct.

「Fall -〈Companion Partner〉!」

The next moment, as though tearing through the empty space, two red-brown short swords appeared.

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(Sharpened swordsmanship, high physical ability, in addition to those, soul dress is already manifested.)

This will well meet the passing criteria.

When I was thinking about that,

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「Nee, Allen-senpai. When this fight is over, the wounds will be cured properly, right?」

Lou suddenly asked, tilting her head.

「Aa, of course.」

「Is that so? Well then, I really don’t like pain, so please help me right away, okay?」

When she said that with a fleeting smile,