Limited version of sports shoes online snapped up

Limited version of sports shoes online snapped up

Huang Wang was well-skilled and was pushed onto the limelight by Pang Ling. In addition, his appearance and figure were potential hot topics for discussion. Clearly, he was an excellent pick for live-streaming platforms.

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Zhang Yuan pondered for a moment and said, “You have to guarantee one thing. Huang Wang’s original training schedule cannot be affected. He can only livestream for less than 36 hours every month.

“If you can’t accept that, any amount of sign-on fees you offer would not suffice.”

At the other end of the line, Peng Bin paused. “We can accept that. However, we have a tiny request. We hope you would allow us to give him the title of ‘DGE Club’s Athlete’.

“Of course, we will also give your club a token of appreciation.

“We’re going to pay Huang Wang two million yuan a year, and the agreement can be a tripartite one. The club would take a standard portion as a gift. On top of that, Waiwai Live-Streaming Platform hopes to pay two million yuan a year to become a sponsor of DGE Club.”

Zhang Yuan thought about it for a moment. “We won’t take any portion of the money meant for Huang Wang. Give it all to him. As for the sponsorship... Boss Peng, do you know that two teams cannot take part in any official competitions?”

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Peng Bin smiled naturally. “I know. We heard that from the H4 Club.

“However, as long as your club is more well-known than any other, why does it matter whether you can take part in official competitions or not?”

Zhang Yuan remained silent for a while, thinking about whether he had a good reason to reject Peng Bin or not.

Peng Bin’s offer was very sincere.

It looked like the live-streaming industry was on the rise at the moment. Once various investors saw the investment opportunity, they headed straight for it. Live-stream platforms were now competing at full force to see who could afford to burn the most money.

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Waiwai Live-Streaming Platform was one of the first few live-streaming platforms. Of course, it had much more spending power and could afford to be much more generous in this aspect.

Two million yuan a year already sounded like such a high price. After all, how many people working in higher management could earn two million yuan a year?

As for the sky-high figures that top live-streamers were raking in, there were two explanations: on one hand, the prices were pushed higher and higher as more and more investors entered the industry; on the other hand, there was a huge percentage of the price towards showing off.