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Xiao Peng nodded. “Of course. Otherwise, why would Boss Pei set up an Esports Club for GOG and not for IOI? Obviously, he thinks more highly of GOG.

“Since IOI is destined to be a cannon fodder and has a smaller market share in the local gaming industry, it would make more sense to focus on GOG’s gamers.”

After some consideration, Zhang Yuan said, “Hmm, that seems logical. When do you plan to open the internet cafe?”

Xiao Peng: “Next Wednesday. I still have to tie up some loose ends.”

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Zhang Yuan nodded. “Alright, once you open for business, I’ll bring the few young fellows from DGE Esports Club here. They can play an exhibition game for the best of five and attract some customers for you!”

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Xiao Peng was elated. “That’s great! They’re all King-tier competitors; it’ll be exciting to watch!”

At that moment...

“Mr. Liang, coffee.” The Management Trainee of Sloth Apartments set a cup of coffee in front of Liang Qingfan.

Liang Qingfan muttered a ‘thanks’ and then continued working on the design without looking up. A few days ago, Liang Qingfan had officially joined Tengda Corporation and become the man in charge of Sloth Apartments. Pei Qian also successfully arranged for this junior, with a degree in Architecture, to become the Management Trainee. He was to assist Liang Qingfan and gather updates for Boss Pei. “Hu... I’m finally almost done.”

Liang Qingfan heaved a sigh of relief.

After working hard for over a week, Liang Qingfan was almost done with his plans to modify the three buildings. He was quite happy with what he had achieved thus far.

He revised his plans again and again, feeling increasingly proud of himself.

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I can make even such odd-looking apartments look so perfect...! I’m a genius!

This seemed to validate what Boss Pei had said: only such difficult and odd-looking apartments could reveal a designer’s true standards!

Liang Qingfan was even beginning to think that it would be a waste not to publicize his beautiful plans and designs.

“Should I take a couple of photographs? No, that would be too simple. I should video-record the entire thing.

“I would probably grab a lot of people’s attention if I put such a design online, right? “Yes, I should get a professional camera crew.