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『Well? Child. From now on, I shall direct you on the ‘route to run’. Follow my instructions. I will inform you on the best route to avoid obstacles.』

“Wh-What? You can do that?”

『Hmm. Instead, try not to miss the route, will you? There are several route instructions. Memorize them at once.』

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That’s how Tre’ainar explains the route to me. About short words and their basis.

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“Hey? You’ve been talking to yourself for a while? Hey, hey!”

Ignoring the chasing Shinobu, I concentrate on remembering Tre’ainar’s words.

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Then, as I enter the deep, wooded area, I increase my concentration.

“Are you all right?”

『It looks like this, and there is no doubt about the instructions from the one once said to be the best commander in history!』

“I don’t know, but I asked!”

『Let us proceed.... ‘Slant’』

Slant. Meaning the route cuts into an angle diagonally after running straight.

I just barely avoid a large tree.


Corner. The instruction is to cut diagonally to the right after running straight for a while.