how to make money with youtube videos

how to make money with youtube videos

Ye Zhizhou and Wang Xiaobin quickly took out paper and pen, prepared to take down notes.

Pei Qian looked at the few general ideas on the manuscript in front of him and then made some adjustments to them.

“What storyline does a horror game need? Don’t work on a storyline. There are too many standalone horror games. Create a web-based one.

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“Why are we including ghosts and monsters? We need to believe in Science. Don’t include ghosts and monsters in the game. At most, we can include insane people. Avoid things like mutated beings and grievous spirits at all costs.

“As for weapons…”

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At that point, Pei Qian hesitated.

That was not easy to work around.

Without a weapon system, the game could turn out like Outlast. Yet, with a weapon system, the game could turn out like Resident Evil.

The former was very frightening and immersive. The latter was easy for gamers to speed run through, but it also generated a large following.

Neither of these methods was wrong, but if either turned out well, they could generate lots of profits.

That meant Pei Qian had to choose the third option.

“Create a weapon system but have minimal variety and strength. The best weapon should be a pistol.