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“You probably know what will happen too.”

“Even if I did, I wouldn’t sit back and watch so complacently. As long as there’s room for uncertainty, there’s still reason to worry.”

Kōenji cut in, as if responding to Horikita.

“The only one who should be worried is him.”

Almost everyone in the class shifted their gaze toward Yamauchi, wondering how he would respond after hearing something like that.

Yamauchi slowly stood up and turned around to look at Kōenji.

His expression was one of confidence, one that said he was certain of his chances of coming out on top.

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Yamauchi laughed at Kōenji contemptuously.

“Go ahead, say whatever you want… The person getting expelled isn’t gonna be me.”

“Oh? And will you tell us why?”

“Fine. I will.”

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It seemed Yamauchi couldn’t stand to let Kōenji say whatever he wanted any longer.

“How many of you voted against me? Twenty of you? Thirty? I didn’t specifically betray any of you, yet you guys treat me like this? It’s unreasonable! But that’s fine. I’ll forgive you.”