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I was panicked for a moment, but I was told that it was different and I couldn’t help but feel annoyed.

『Indeed. The legacy that Jamdi’el used is...』

“Earth, do you have a minute? I’m coming in!”


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I was too focused on the conversation. A voice was calling me with a knock from the other side of the door.

It was Elder Sis Tsukshi.

“Oh, what? Elder Sis Tsukshi.”

“Yes, I think I’ll help you clean up for a minute.”

Elder Sis Tsukshi came in saying so, wrapped in an apron, rolled up her arms, and...

“...... Excuse me...”

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“Eh... Sadiz.”

Sadiz, with a bucket and broom, appeared from behind Elder Sis Tsukshi.

“Earth, it’s like you said, right? Miss Sadiz was doing housework and things like that.”

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“Oh, yes... well...”

“But Miss Sadiz has lost her memory, so I thought I’d try to see if she could do it properly... is Earth’s room, okay?”