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Qiao Liang pondered for a while and wrote down four words: You can do it.

This simple sentence could serve as an encouragement to him!

After all, the difficulty level of the game was very high. If he died in the game, seeing that encouragement could boost his confidence and prepare him for the incoming challenges.

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After another simple transition animation, the four-word epitaph written in ancient characters was ingrained into the tombstone; and the game had officially begun.

Round two, here I come!

Qiao Liang was extremely energetic. He was prepared to perform well in front of Boss Pei.

After all, he had been receiving Boss Pei’s salary for such a long time. He must be bound to show some improvements.

Qiao Liang took out the mourning stick that he earned after defeating the Black and White Impermanence in the first round of the game. It was a two-handed weapon that looked like a long and thick rod. There were many white papers stuck on the rod.

It was a good heavy weapon, and its damage is quite high. Moreover, it had an additional weapon effect. After using it, the weapon could deal AOE damage to the enemies at the front and extract a small amount of their three souls and seven spirits.

I need to showcase my abilities properly in front of Boss Pei!

Qiao Liang was very confident. After all, he had completed round one with his own abilities. He had fought many bosses and was very experienced. Those few monsters in the newbie village did not pose a threat to him at all.

The protagonist rushed forward with his mourning stick.

Qiao Liang remembered clearly that those few monsters at the beginning of the game would just stand mindlessly at the mass grave. They would only fight back when they were attacked. Therefore, he rushed forward valiantly.