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Is it true that the online point makes money?

Miyake and Hasebe also nod almost simultaneously.

“I get it. I’ll see what I can do… but don’t expect too much from me.”

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Do both Horikita and Yukimura plan to use me as a convenient middleman for them?

“Yeah, I see.”

Hasebe’s doubts seemed to have been settled, and there was a smile on her face.

“Well, I don’t do any club activities, so let’s decide how to do this based on what works for Miyatchi, okay?”

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By saying so, she gave up all the decision-making rights.

When Miyake heard this, he looked at Hasebe in surprise.

“I thought Hasebe was still going to refuse. How unusual, you don’t usually want to get involved with guys.”

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“It seems like it would be kinda bad if I didn’t join in the study group. It would be my own fault if I was going to like, drop out of school, but I don’t want to get Miyatchi involved, alright?”

She appeared to have agreed for the sake of her friend Miyake instead of for her own.

“Well, that should be it for today. I plan to hold the first study session the day after tomorrow.”

Yukimura summed up the first session. Did he plan on going over the topic trends and formulate countermeasures today and tomorrow?