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I created a document called “Game Goal Setting” and started thinking.

“The carnivorous plant can level up by eating bugs. …I guess it’s too simple.”

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I leaned on the back of my chair and thought for a moment. Then, I started typing. “The carnivorous plant grows by eating bugs. At the same time, its < Sin Value> increases too. After reaching a certain number, it’ll start eating the person it loves- no, the bugs he loves.”

I’m trembling from a prediction that this will go viral. Well, now’s the time to figure out the Chinese yam part.

“The dream of the Chinese yam, his final goal. That would be to become…a banana!”

It’s an exhausting topic, a setting that dives into the crux issue between dreams and talents. It’s literally the game of the year.

Carnivorous plants and Chinese yam, both of the protagonist’s settings are very attractive. I can’t make up my mind. So, I decided to talk about it with my little sister, Konoha Hoshinomori.

In the end, her answer is…


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“Eh? Ah, but, well, these two are really attractive-“

“Human, the rest can be up to you.”


“I won’t say anything else. The MC will be a human, okay?”

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Today, a game that’s supposed to rival some of the greatest masterpieces died in its crib.

Chapter 4 – Tasuku Uehara and High School Debut

Even though you can change your looks, you can’t change what’s inside…

This is the hidden history of Normie · Tasuku Uehara’s birth!?