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How to make money online PK10 agent

And the next moment,

「Shave off -〈Hilly Wind〉!」

A brown long sword appeared out of empty space.

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(…It’s finally out.)

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Equipment that embodies a part of the spirit core – soul dress.

The power I am currently struggling to attain.

「Fuhaha…! How do you like it? You’re jealous, aren’t you? Even if you make an effort all your life, this is a power that you will never attain!」the instructor roared, and showed off his soul dress proudly.

I observed the soul dress without responding to his cheap provocation.

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(Wind and… is that『sand』?)

Looking closely by straining my eyes, I saw grains of sand and wind swirling around the long sword.

It seems that the ability of his soul dress is to freely control two kinds of power – wind and earth.

(That is a good soul dress. As expected of an instructor of Senior Holy Knights.)

As I held such impression in my heart,