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“Ah, well, I received some solicitation, but I refused.”

After all, that type of motivation to recruit was only temporary, and not something that would go on for long. The people in the track and field club shouldn’t be thinking about me anymore. Even if someone is a good runner, if they don’t want to take part in club activities, it’s meaningless to keep on trying.

“To be honest, I haven’t ever done any club activities, so I’m not aware of the situation.”

“Ah really? What a shame.”

As the conversation continued, Yukimura listened without inserting a single word. Hasebe changes the topic over to Miyake without worrying about the state of the situation.

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“Miyatchi is in the archery club. Is it fun to shoot a bow every day?”

“I wouldn’t do it every day if it wasn’t fun. By the way, the bow doesn’t get shot, the arrow does.”

He’s right.

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“I’m not interested in club stuff, like… I’m good with spending my time doing the things I like.”

The two of them are quite different than what I’ve experienced so far. They were much more talkative than I expected.

“Oh Miyatchi, is it alright for you to miss your club activities?”

“I took time off.”

“How brief.”