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"I've put down all my feelings for Sakura in this one sheet!" he said.

"Put mean this is a love letter?".

"That's right! Inside here I've written about how much I love Sakura! Try reading it!".

Then saying that, he took that letter from before, closed with a seal, and showed it to me.

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"Dear Sakura Airi-sama. I have been interested in you since a long time ago, please go out with me".

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"It's a rather simple love letter that's too formal from the beginning...".

Towards me who pointed that out, Yamauchi had a prideful expression on his face.

"Just writing long sentences by itself isn't good, I'm telling you".

That might be the case, but with just this much there would be little to no context to the writing, would there? I can also see the person receiving it being troubled. Even more so if the person receiving it is Sakura.

"Why is it in print instead of being handwritten?".

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"Yeah, I'm not really proud of this but my handwriting sucks. I used print to make it easier to read. I was sort of worried she might misread the sentence?".

He then scratches the bottom of his nose with his index finger with a proud expression, but I don't think it's that important.

"And also, these days don't they even use print for your resume?".

"If you really want to convey your feelings to the other person I think a handwritten letter is better. And why did you use such a horror-like font for your text?".

A strange demon exists! It feels like that font that looks like it could be used for a headline is going to be used to curse someone.

"How do I put it, doesn't it have impact? Like an 'I'll be thinking of you forever' kind of feeling".