Is it true that the online purchase robot makes money?

Is it true that the online purchase robot makes money?

Manager Li, who has received the support of his boss, became more confident and nodded and said: “Sell! However, if the contract is to be signed, the SUG club will add another 1 million, which is a total of 12 million.”

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This was also psychological warfare.

Add one million more to the already high premium. That was not a lot, which wouldn’t cause Boss Pei to flip, but it would disgust Boss Pei and give him more pressure.

That was because Manager Li knew that most other clubs would also increase the price following his lead.

That immediately raised the total price by several millions or tens of millions.

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This behavior itself made others uncomfortable, but in business, verbal promises were unreliable before signing the contract in black and white. There was nothing to blame.

Manager Li thought that even if Boss Pei did not show his true feelings, he would feel a little unpleasant when he heard an extra one million, right?

If Boss Pei did not accept this, both parties can continue to delay—which was not bad.

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However, Boss Pei wasn’t angry at all. Instead, there was some delight in his eyes.

Great job!

Other clubs would definitely follow Manager Li’s initiative to raise the price, each adding one million yuan—which would also be a lot of money!

Pei Qian almost laughed out loud. He tried to control his expression and looked at the other club managers: “Do you want to increase the price, too? What are your demands? Tell me just like Manager Li did!”

The other managers looked at each other, not knowing how to answer.

Of course, they wanted to increase the price and earn an extra million. Where could they find such a good deal?

However, everyone was afraid that Boss Pei would hold grudges against them.

Manager Su of the H4 Club coughed slightly: “Ahem, Boss Pei there is still no need to increase ours. The previous amount has reached the expected price of our club.”

Manager Su immediately felt a few contemptuous glances at him after he finished speaking.

He ignored them.

The owner of the H4 club was not as tough as the owner of SUG.