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A very Ryuuen-like, malicious way of fighting.

I could go all out and escape the bath but that would be the equivalent of rejecting bath time at the outdoor school. Sooner or later, this veil would be parted.

If there's still a way left to save myself it would be to take down every single student approaching me.

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But that can no longer be considered a viable strategy.

Either way, I've suffered something similar to a defeat.

In other words, there aren't any means left for me to avoid this incomprehensible situation with anymore.

After seeing how I didn't budge, Kouenji laughed.

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"Ha. Ha. Ha. There's nothing to be ashamed of Ayanokouji Boy. Even if you happen to be wearing a protector, it's something a lot of Japanese boys do. It's a precious something to protect you".

"You don't have much protection yourself, Kouenji".

"Because I already possess overwhelming strength, you see. I have no need of armor".

No, there should still be a way for me to escape.

Think, I have to find it, a means of escape-----

"You guys do the chant, the chant".

Despite having dropped out already, Ryuuen eggs the students on from inside the bath.

He's set a trap, crushing my strategy and making sure that I can no longer escape.

"Take it off! Take it off! Take it off!".

It began to rise all around me, the chant the boys let loose all at once.

It didn't matter to the boys who instigated it. I was completely boxed in by Ryuuen and all the other boys.

I came here to replenish myself after a tiring day.