Which video app is made online

Which video app is made online

As expected, the scale is different when it comes to the ones owned by the royal family.

In front of the plane, there was a group of five people wearing black dresses and bowed simultaneously as they saw Ria.

A woman at the head of the group spoke.

「-I’ve been waiting for you, Ria-sama, Filthy Worm-sama. We’re ready to take off, please get on board.」

Filthy Worm-sama, huh…

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(What’s the point of the『-sama』even…)

It was a very nice greeting that let’s me know in an instant that I was not welcomed at all.

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「Hey, if you say something like that… I won’t go.」

Ria, who was outright in a bad mood, said with a sharp gaze.

「…I am sorry. Ria-sama………… Allen-sama, please come this way.」

After a long pause, she called my name properly.

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「Fuun… Let’s go, Allen.」