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He’s Jamdi’el’s first disciple?

[His opponent, he’ll eat up the old history in one go! The man who boasts the heaviest weight of the Arcane True Zenith style, claiming that body mass is talent, power, and pride! For men, eating and sleeping to make the body big is also training. In other words, the strongest continue to train all the time along with the talent of physique! He is the ‘Super Heavy Freak, Khaldash’!!]

However, as I was thinking of paying attention to Wacha, his opponent was also quite something.

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“Certainly... it might be a good chance. Why don’t you use him as a reference? Budeo.”

“Oh... fat is the talent and power he is proud of... s, so cool... eating and sleeping is training... I definitely want to learn!”

“No, of course that’s not it.”

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At first glance, he seemed similar to Budeo.

However, he is different.

If Budeo was soft and flabby, that man who appeared was quite solid.

A huge pile of muscles.

He had a different muscle mass than Machio, and was obviously heavy.

If you were rushed by that, it would be pretty dangerous.

Moreover, he’s got a good expression on his face.

A spirited look that is crackling with a desire for a clash of power vs power.

“Dosukoーーーi! Dosukoーーーi! Much obliged!!”

Hmm? What was that? That Khaldash guy was squatting and raising and lowering his legs.