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Pei Qian very reluctantly connected the DGE Club, Tengda Games, and Deposit Fitness.

GOG’s international invitational tournament was a fuse. The team members had been crazily ‘blowing’ DGE Club and Deposit Fitness from the very first day of the competition until now. Four days had already passed.

Pei Qian had seen it all and taken it all to heart, but he could not do anything about it...

He had intended to drop by Deposit Fitness to take a look, but on further thought, he concluded that it would only give him more to worry about. What was the point?

He could only quietly draw the line and announce the start of the next stage.

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He could keep opening more branches. If he opened them fast enough, the profits would not catch up to him.

Pei Qian was beginning to realize that nothing was going smoothly this cycle. The physical shops, especially, were becoming increasingly popular. It had started with Fish-Catching Internet Cafe... and then Fish-Catching Take-Out. Now, even Deposit Fitness was getting out of control!

Fortunately, the Sloth Apartments were still holding on.

Otherwise, Pei Qian would be left with one straw to grasp at—Upwind Logistics. What would he do then?!

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Pei Qian looked at the dense web of lines on his mind map, feeling like it was about time to give up on it.

Hidden connections between the departments aside, even the visible ones, were becoming hard to keep track of!

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The dense web of lines had dense words attached to them as well. He would get dizzy just looking at it, and sorting it out would be a chore.

Pei Qian’s strategy to keep track of inter-departmental relationships using a mind map was turning out to be a failure. The departments were coming up with ‘combined events’ frequently and from out of nowhere. It was completely unreasonable.

For example, Pei Qian had asked Coach Yaling to take pictures of DGE’s members every day to ensure that they had less time for training. Who would have thought that those photos would later become advertising material for Deposit Fitness?

At that thought, Pei Qian could not help but heave a long sigh. For some reason, he felt particularly troubled.