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Is there a software that people sell online?

If Hirata Yousuke happened to be an indispensable piece to me, it was obvious that I would have given the order to protect that. It's just, strictly speaking that wasn't the truth. I had already assumed that Karuizawa would want to break up with Hirata, or more like, I had induced her into wanting it.

Simultaneously both prompting her to be able to act autonomously even after losing Hirata as well as making her switch her parasitic destination over to me was my goal.

In other words, everything so far is going according to plan. Although I did not expect her to barge in on my date with Satou, as a result I was able to connect with Karuizawa even more strongly than before.

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"I-I see.....the truth is, I've already been talking about this with Yousuke-kun. Since we're both only in a fake relationship, dragging this out further is no good, like that. I was hesitating".

Saying that, she continued on.

"And besides, the role of Yousuke-kun's girlfriend was something that did promise me influence but for what it's worth, there was also a pressure or something like that strongly affecting me".

Now that the surroundings have stabilized, she wishes to put down that load. Karuizawa declares that. I ignored that cute lie of hers. I don't have much a problem with it, but looking at it from Karuizawa's perspective this is a mistake. If I were in Karuizawa's shoes, just in case I would have left behind insurance. Thinking ahead in the case that I am no longer useful to her, keep Hirata. And in the case that Hirata is no longer useful, keep me. That would have been ideal. Looking before you leap. She had that right to adopt such a strategy.

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Karuizawa also understands that. If even so, she rejects such an insurance, that is also fine. Carrying around all those strategies will also require that much stamina in return, that is also a fact.

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If from a small open seam she happens to lose both at the same time, the shock of that time would be more than double. She can simply construct a strategy befitting her stature.

"I'm sure everyone in the class will be surprised when the 3rd semester starts".

"I suppose that's true".

Hirata and Karuizawa are a big couple who are famous even outside of our class. In particular with regards to Hirata, even on that very day a new girlfriend candidate would appear.

"That guy, do you think he'll go out with someone else?".

"Even if you ask me that, I don't know, it's not like I know Hirata-kun that well either. But in some places, like Kiyotaka, he can be cool. As long as he's pretending to go out with me, he won't be able to date another girl too, and he might not even be that interested in romance".

"Even though you're going back to calling him Hirata, you're still calling me like this?".

"Ahh........I see. Is it better if I change it back?".

Karuizawa seemed dissatisfied as she looked up.

"That's not what I meant. You're free to call me whatever you like".