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“Eh? Isn’t this my boiling passion for NOBE?”

“No! …Ah, sheesh!”

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My brain overheated from anger. So, I gave up and sat on the bench before starting to read.

Keita was still twisting around embarrassedly at the start. He’s annoying. Yet, …his disruption didn’t last long.

It’s because…

“T-This is…really everything I made…”

“Hmm? Of course? I wrote that because of this.”

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Keita’s showing me a “why are you talking about this at this point” face. But, …there’s clearly something unusual here.

I turned the paper to Keita and asked again.

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“Eh, it’s because…you wrote more than 20 pages for each of my games. This…”

“Ah, …hmm, sorry, honestly, I already deleted a bunch of content. There’s a lot I want to say when it comes to NOBE’s work…”


I flipped each page with a surprised face. …It’s just like what Keita said. It’s filled with detailed feedback for all of my games. Also…