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He would have to depend on how Boss Pei would deal with such a critical situation.

Pei Qian’s smile was sincere.

The voice of protest was much louder than he thought!

That was a good thing!

In fact, Pei Qian never wanted these clubs to come to Jingzhou—let alone for them to buy the DGE Club players, but they understood him wrong which led to the situation today.

It would be a great thing if he could take this opportunity to drive away a few clubs!

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It would be even better if Tengda could buy all the clubs.

Spend a few million dollars per club to make losses without doing anything more to them, wasn’t that plan just beautiful?

Facing the seemingly pitiful club managers who harbored evil intentions, Pei Qian smiled and spoke kindly.

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“Don’t worry, we understand the difficulties of your clubs.

“We are aware of everyone’s efforts in the development of GOG esports.

“All clubs are disadvantaged and have been losing money. Clubs’ interests are not guaranteed. This is indeed very sad.

“Really, I really understand your feeling.”

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Manager Su was at a loss after listening to Boss Pei.

That wasn’t right; that did not seem like something Boss Pei would say?

Something was amiss...?

The other club managers also looked at each other. They did not imagine that Boss Pei would be so easy to talk to; it did not seem very reliable.