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“I wasn’t expecting to be helped by the enemy.”

“I mean, it feels like this is a problem before we can compete. After all, we’re not on even playing ground.”

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We were being pitied, even by the other classes.

It shows the lack of enthusiasm Chiyabashira-sensei has for her students.

“I wish we could switch teachers.”

“No, I think there are a other problems with that.”

I thought back on the time I met Hoshinomiya-sensei. She seems like a whole different set of troubles.

“Ah, it’s so hot here.”

Ichinose took out a handkerchief with a cute panda on it and wiped the sweat from her forehead. Our thick uniforms trap the heat well.

“A school that turns on the air conditioning 24/7 even when the whole building is empty is bad for the environment and is detestable.”

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“Ahahaha, I guess. You’re an interesting one.”

Ichinose laughed even though the line wasn’t meant to be funny.

“I don’t think there was anything to laugh at…”

“How about we exchange contact addresses to make sure things go smoothly in the future?”

Horikita sent me a look of, “I don’t want to, so you give her yours”.

“If you’re fine with mine. I’ll reply when you contact me.”

“Okay, I got it.”

I only realized after we exchanged addresses, but wow, I have a lot of girls’ contact addresses.

Granted, I only have seven addresses (three of which are girls’), even though it’s the beginning of July.