Do you do an intermediary online?

Do you do an intermediary online?

“Yeah. It might be a good idea to take a breather after the meeting is adjourned.”

“I’ll agree to that. I want to have a proper celebration, but it's also been quite a long time since I’ve gotten to do karaoke.”

Hirata and Kushida searched for a compromise by agreeing with both Horikita and Karuizawa.

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“……I’m going to start.”

Horikita simply ignored the two of them and began the meeting.

“First up is the results from the study sessions, and to be honest, I think that they’re excellent. In the beginning, the behavior of the boys was a mess, and I worried about how it would turn out. Fortunately, they’ve studied hard and should be able to cope with the final exam to some extent.”

"Just so you know, I studied so hard that my mouth is now an English dictionary!"

Sudō appealed that he had studied in his own way, but the way he phrased it made it difficult to understand.

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“Sudō-kun has grown significantly compared to where he started from. His concentration has dramatically improved in particular. However, don’t forget that your basic academic abilities are still inferior to a first-year middle school student’s.”

“I’ve studied so hard and I’m still only at first-year middle school level……”

“The fact that you were at an elementary school level up until now is kind of amazing.”

“Ho-Horikita-san, that’s going a little too far……”

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“He didn’t even know that pi existed until recently.”

It was a pretty explosive statement. It’s unexpected for him to have lived until today without knowing about the existence of pi.

“Eeeh? Isn’t that too stupid!?”