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“Boss Ma, I have basically taught my experience of failure. Uh... there is one last one.”

Qiu Hong paused, seemingly thinking that ‘taught’ was not very appropriate. However, for the lack of a better-fitting word, he still used it.

“This last one might not be right, but it is definitely the last item I can mention.”

Pei Qian nodded. “Please continue.”

Qiu Hong was silent for a moment and said, “Pursue your dreams.”

Pei Qian froze for a moment. “Is this... a failure experience?”

Qiu Hong nodded, his voice a little sad. “Yes.”

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“Has Boss Ma ever seen my resume? You should be able to find it online. I had been a systems designer as early as 2001 in a fairy-themed game with paywalls.

“Boss Ma, don’t you find it strange that I can be a chief systems designer of a large-scale client-side game when I just entered the industry?”

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Pei Qian gave it a thought and did find it a little strange.

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That was because Tengda had always promoted people in an exceptional way, be it systems designers or chief planners. They were always newcomers from the bottom-most staff. Pei Qian, therefore, did not think there were any problems with Qiu Hong’s resume at the beginning.

However, now that Qiu Hong took the initiative to bring it up, Pei Qian realized that it was really quite strange for an ordinary game company to make a newcomer a systems designer when he first joined the industry.

The systems designer was only secondary to the chief systems designer in domestically-produced games with paywalls. That was because the most important part of the game was the combat system, paywall system, game experience, etc... they were all closely related to each other.

The systems designer could be regarded as the right-hand man of the chief systems designer. Many chief planners were promoted from systems designers.

Generally speaking, even a graduate from a top university could only start out as an ordinary administrative planner. Such a person would only be promoted to a systems designer after one to two years.

Such a situation would only be more obvious in large companies and projects.

He was a systems designer for large companies and projects when he first entered the industry. He was fully responsible for the system of the game. Disregarding the possibility that he might be related to the boss of the company, the second most likely situation would be that he had actually had experience previously.