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Computer do the task to make money online is true or false

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Each player turns the roulette, which is numbered from 1 to 10, in order.

Then, you advance to the tile according to the number you got, aiming for the “Goal” in the center of the board.

The player with the most “cash valuation of their property” wins when they arrive at the goal by performing the various events written on the tiles that they stopped on.

The rules themselves were not particularly unusual, and it was exactly the same as the Life game that I played in Goza Village.

「By the way, I will warn you just in case… Unfortunately, Allen and Ria have no chance of winning. After all, Lillim and I are the best when it comes to this game!」

「Fufufu! We always stop on the winning tiles and evade every losing tile! The game has already been decided before it started!」

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「Ara, you’ll be in trouble if you underestimate me, you know? I’ve also fought hundreds of battles against my father and Claude, and I still remember all the tile events!」

The three of them said so, exuding fighting aura.

It seems that they have extraordinary confidence in this Life game, and I felt somewhat left out.

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「A-Ahaha… Please go easy on me.」

Thus we played the Life game until we arrived at Cherin, the country of Sakura.

About three hours later,

「T-That’s… impossible.」

「N-No way…」