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“Ha, big talk…That’s quite imposing, actually. Amanocchi, onee-san is proud to see your growth!”

“You can only keep your cool now…Hiya!”

“No sweat! What about this!”

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“U-Uwah, s-stop moving! I almost touched your chest!”

“Hmph, Amanocchi, see? This is one of my specialized tactics, exclusive to Amanocchi! A Horrible, Mandatory Sexual Harassment! If my move hit, the opponent’s social life is over!”

“Ugh, how despicable…! But, …even so, I’ve said that I’m going to do that no matter what…!”

“Hehe, I know a virgin like Amanocchi can never conquer his fear of this tactic! Come, you’ll be touching my breasts!”

“Ugh, you’ll be ashamed if I touched them as well!”

“It’s not going to happen. It’s because even you touched my breasts, I wouldn’t care at all!”

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“T-The same goes for me. While it’s hard to say for other girls, but it’s not a problem for me to touch your chest! So, I’m not scared of you!”

“Ugh, it looks like you’re really risking your life here. Amanocchi. Well, …it’s time for me to reveal my final measure…”

“T-There’s an even more powerful defense move than your breasts? W-What’s that…”

“There’s a gap! I’m leaving!”

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“Ah, stand right there, Aguri-san! Uh, I’m sorry. I’ll be leaving too!”

Aguri grabbed her bag and left the clubroom. Keita Amano apologized to us before immediately chasing after her.

The corridor is echoing the loud footsteps of them chasing each other. As for the three of us, we first profoundly apologized to Amano…Since he’s not here, we prayed silently to make up for it.

Once the apology is over.